Mark Stever – I recently was instrumental in taking a healthy snacks company public last fall. Approximately 10 years ago I took one of my sign and media companies public. I am now exploring new opportunities and challenges.

Besides having extensive working knowledge in marketing, finance, product placement and launch, TV commercials, sales, graphic design(logo, print ad, signage, brochure, catalog), promotion, food recipe development, customs clearing and FDA, M & A, private placement and capital raise, public offerings, business plan writing and refinement, international distribution agreements ( Canada, U.S., Europe, South Korea, Mongolia, Asian Pacific, Australia and South America, my credit assets would be able to leverage my strong relationships.

Mark Stever is an International business person and has created and helped create many overseas opportunities. He is the Founder and President of Healthy Products International Inc. (HPI) which developed the formulas for many healthy snack products with the main sweetening ingredient being Xylitol. He created PureSnax company and its associated brands and created licensing agreements with overseas companies as well with an associated public company. He is also the Founder and President of Bissoon Bed Company which designs and manufactures High End Functional and Interactive Canopy Beds. Prior to HPI, Stever was a 25 year veteran in the sign industry of which his company erected what is believed to be the World’s Largest LED lettered Sign on top of the New Yorker Hotel in New York.  HPI has licensed many of its’ recipes to PureSnax Company, Inc. a company that regularly calls upon Stever for consulting services.