Mark Stever a creative businessman who mixed his healthy ideas with a sprinkle of sweetness to create his healthy tasty products.His healthy candy coated popcorn idea is hit in the market and turned into a fantastic one. Main objective of creating Healthy Products International Inc. was to provide people a good healthy snack without deteriorating the taste.The company developed the formulas for many healthy snack with the main sweetening ingredient being Xylitol. Healthy candy coated popcorn i a hit product of the company which was created especially for those who are suffering from diabetes.
This healthy popcorn was Stever’s first product and was termed as Krazeecorn . The inspiration behind the formation of Krazeecorn was to provide a healthy product to his children and grandchildren.
HPI formed this junk stuff with a fruit flavour and the two flavours which were launched were cherry and blueberry . Packaging of these flavours also designed by Mark Stever.

Healthy product International Inc can be termed as the first company to produce such healthy stuff and krazeekorn could be stated as World’s Healthiest Candy-Coated Popcorn which is sugar-free, kosher and gluten free.A low fat delicious candy which fits into the nutritional
guidelines for a growing number of schools in North America.